Are you providing value in postings? Do your customers see that value?

Well, last month’s post generated comments and calls. Some to request more information, others to disagree. 

It looks like the point to post where the customers hang out in social media was well received. Nevertheless, the questions in regards to what to post in social media feeds deserve some clarification.

As a rule of thumb, you do not post the exact information on each Social Media Platform. The content might well be just one, and the way how you display that content on each Social Media Platform, needs to be prepared and customized depending on some general guidelines for each platform:

  • Facebook: Graphics (Picture, Videos) and curated content.
  • Instagram: High-quality graphic content (Pictures, Videos), quotes stories.
  • Twitter: News and Blog Posts
  • Linkedin: Professional Content, Company or technology news)
  • Pinterest: INfograpics and photo guides

We reckon that every platform has its audience and that audience checks for information in one or several Social Media Platforms depending on many considerations. Even if the message is just one, you need to prepare, draft and present the information in ways suitable for each Social Media platform.

One pro tip: There are many beautiful and outstanding pictures posted on social media. Please remember Video is king. If you have the resources and time, post directly to your preferred platform. Videos shared from Youtube do not receive as much engagement as your videos displayed directly on the different platforms.

On Instagram, users pay attention to the aesthetic quality in visual content, so please pay attention to your graphic material.

Also, quotes are trendy content on any platform, especially Instagram.

Many of us go to Twitter for a quick review of relevant news to us or to have a good hand on-trend on breaking news. Please, do your homework and only post information you validate. Create awareness of authority on any subject matter might be easily destroyed by oversight from your sight. Stick to the facts and report to what is real. And remember, people might not like what you have to say and attack you because that, therefore, an event more important to stick to the truth.

Let us know what you think about this post