Sometimes we might be a little reluctant to changes or events that put us outside our comfort zone. Moreover, if these events are unexpected. Usually, we get easily overwhelmed by a long to-do list and spend a lot of time planning what we should do first. What is the priority to get results and put us closer to our goals in 2021?

Based on the KPMG Blog Five key priorities post COVID-19

 “…(executives) they want to learn from the experiences of the past few months. They see COVID-19 as an opportunity to radically rethink their business and operating models. And they are looking for new ideas, technologies, and capabilities to help drive them along the path to recovery.”

So, in essence, and despite the fact of all the technological advancement the most important engine in this era is still the human resource, as leaders our priority is to get ultimate clarity that will help us to navigate the path in a more efficient way and then establish that operational vision to fulfill the business mission: deliver results and create an environment of deep collaboration as a key to accelerate and enhance any long-term strategy. 

The simple answer is that your priority to face the challenges of the new year should be YOU, invest in yourself and set your mindset with the ability to overcome any obstacle, sit at the top of the mountain and instead of focus on the little things that just pile a long list of to-dos, thrive for a new reality and set a holistic vision for you and your business of getting new habits to improve your health and your agility. Take the time to identify your gaps, get trained, get support, get recommendations and be observant. Establish new habits. All the efforts towards your own enhancement. You at the top of the mountain.

And remember collaboration is the key to our success.