Do you know where are you going?

A great and rewarding result of many years of professional experience is the memories. Once I read a passage that stated: “Good judgment comes from experience, and experience — well, that comes from poor judgment!” I had plenty of the latest (in some areas I still do). Success requires good judgment, among many other things.

Today I am starting a blog series to provide some respectful considerations and feedback to young or new managers growing up within their organizations. I wrote this series from lessons learned (painful lessons learned from bad calls), and I hope some of these ideas might help them to become better leaders.

I know most of them do not apply to the vast majority of the readers of this blog, and if any of you benefit from my experience, that will be rewarding enough.

During my career, I realized there were some traits leaders showed to build winning organizations. That let me start thinking, “what are the characteristics of good leaders? How do you define them in an operating sense? How organizations identify people who have such features?

On this occasion, I will present my thoughts about one of those critical characteristics: VISION.

Do you know where are you going?
Nowadays everybody talks about creativity, expresión, communication. The best leaders I followed were impressive people with the ability to identify new opportunities and worked and pushed for such occasions with an entrepreneur mindset. Those leaders were able to create and canalize energy and excitement about a better future for the organization and the different team members. Always open and able to show uncompromising commitment to new ideas and especially were ready to mentor and develop people in their organizations.

Those people pushed for excellence, and many times, the goals to achieve were very demanding on the team while keeping customer satisfaction in mind. They set and walked a path set for their organizations with intensity and a sense of purpose.

Great leaders have to create, communicate, and interest their teams in a challenging and achievable vision. Work their creativity to raise the energy of their organizations while engaging team members in a purposeful path to success.