What exciting projects are you working on? What new products and services are you releasing in 2023?

By Vicente Tanasi

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The newspapers, social media, and traditional media always look at and spread the latest events or global affecting news that often catch our attention and are not necessarily perceived as favorable. It would help your business if you kept good news and progress in front of your customers and key audience.

You can inform your audience about what you’re doing and why it matters. It would help if you also were sure to include any accomplishments or milestones in your communications strategy. This will help to boost the company’s reputation and build trust among customers, partners and investors.

Many salespeople and companies are always looking for ways to tell the following story to present to their clients. They want to tell about their accomplishment’s positive impact or how their new product will improve the way their customers do business. Each month you’ll pick one of your projects and add a news release to your website and a feature article in one of our industry magazines every quarter. We have potential customers and affiliates waiting for your good news!

Many Local Small Businesses need help to capture, write and release all the good news your organization develops during the year; ensure you have the proper internal resources or external contractors to push your brand recognition to your key audience.

Merry Christmas and a Happy new year!!!