How do you handle setbacks?

“Good judgment comes from experience, and experience — well, that comes from poor judgment!”. Success requires good judgment, among many other things.

I am continuing with my blog series to provide some respectful feedback to young or new managers rising within their organizations. As I mentioned in my previous articles, these series come from lessons learned, and I hope some of these ideas might help them to become better leaders.

During my career, I realized there were some traits leaders showed to build winning organizations: “what are the characteristics of good leaders? How do you define them in an operating sense? How organizations identify people who have such features?

On this occasion, I will present my thoughts about the third of those critical characteristics: RESILIENCE.

Real business, real life is not always a Rose Garden. Event a perfect conceived project can hit roadblocks and hurdles. An when you are in charge of a high-performance team, difficulties are a prime opportunity to show your team members how to succeed. It requires bravery, and you need to stay out in front and be willing to take the first arrows. Do not be afraid to stand alone.

Great leaders depend on their team for their success. Leaders need to be attentive and reward the struggle for excellence. Leaders need to know that change is always unpopular.

As leaders, we must continually inspire and motivate. As your team faces challenges and doubts, we must bring confidence to high-risk situations while renewing commitment to the vision, loyalty to the idea.

We need to demonstrate a “never give up attitude.

All of us, one time or another, wish to become great leaders. The road to outstanding leadership takes bravery, energy, and strength. Make sure you add this essential to your toolbox