Change Management is an intelligent process that ensures that Organization Changes are successfully implemented not only from the technical perspective but more importantly, from the People perspective, making sure the change is adopted by the people who are affected by it.


There is an unlimited number of triggers in an organization that initiates changes such as improvement of current infrastructure (processes, systems, policies, etc.) or the expansion to new products and services that impacts our portfolio of clients. Every change aims at moving the organization from the Current State to a Future State that promises an increase to our presence in the market. Most of the effort in OCM is applied to the Transition Phase. Many mature methodologies assist us during the Transition Phase. However, most of these methodologies concentrate on the technical side and overlook the impact that the change will have on the People impacted by it. 

We follow the Prosci Change Management Methodology as a guideline with 3 basic steps: Preparing for Change, Managing the Change, and Reinforcing the Change. 

The following toolkit facilitates the evaluation of the different aspects of business initiatives: