Just in a few years, few people doubt Social media and Digital marketing are powerful tools to keep your customers engaged while reaching out to new opportunities otherwise far from your natural geography.

The omnipresence of cellular and other wireless technologies, the quick adoption of Artificial Intelligence, provides users, and marketeers great ways of communicating and spreading messages. Some outstanding messages, and unfortunately harmful and damaging advice as a natural consequence of our time.

During the evolution of ways of doing business, I’ve seen several of my customers that were serve by impressive graphics, multimedia content, and excellent user experience. After learning prices, some of them were paying. There is no doubt real artists handled their accounts.

Nevertheless, I also found ignored elemental considerations:

A) Analytics: after initial social media audit and message reach and engagement, we found very poor analytics. Do not get me wrong; high quality and videos are essential, as well as the message and the metrics that guide you through obtaining the goals you are trying to reach.
B) Personal touch: Artificial Intelligence (AI) is everywhere cars, machines, devices, and also in Digital marketing. It is fantastic for the performance of Chatbots (multilingual), IVR, and Content management platforms. Are just amazing. Nevertheless, make sure your agency or your social media managers are up to speed with the required SEO strategy, personalization, and natural interactions with your customer base.

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