Can you be trusted?​

Today, I am continuing my blog series to provide some respectful considerations and feedback to young or new managers. I will make some considerations regarding Integrity.

As mentioned in previous posts, a rewarding result of many years of professional experience is the memories I cherish about the many leaders and direct reports I encountered during my corporate career. 

Do you remember the comment I made regarding good judgment? Integrity is a mark required for great leaders.

How do you identify a Leader with Integrity? 

A Genuine Leader displays constant respect for all people, shows loyalty to people and ideas, builds trust, and demonstrate the courage of convictions.

A Leader with integrity shows total accountability; they lead the team to excellence. They never allow excuses or scapegoating, keep the commitments they made, and accept full responsibility for the outcome. 

Integrity is the trait that makes genuine Leaders know to give credit to the team members when they achieve their enterprise’s goals and objectives.

Great leaders have to create, communicate, and motivate their teams while working their creativity to raise the energy of their organizations while engaging team members in a purposeful path to success.

Please, walk the path to become a Genuine Leader for your team.

Here at TEN, the whole team wishes you and your family a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 2020.