Are you speaking to your market on the proper channel?

So many times, customers tell us all they will boost their business if they have a better Instagram or Twitter presence. Our initial reaction after such statements is to ask more profound questions about their business, operations, and, more importantly, if they have a clear idea of their ideal customer.

So many times we hear quotes like: 

  •  Facebook is for seniors
  •  Millennials only use Instagram
  •  People use Twitter to point our political or social agendas
  •  Linkedin is boring or just for people looking for jobs.

Roughly, the different platforms report the following figures as the number of active users (in Millions)

  • Facebook: 2,400
  • Youtube: 2,000
  • Whatsapp: 2,000
  • Instagram: 1,000
  • LinkedIn: 500
  • Twitter: 386

Here we can start taking some considerations: Facebook leads the pack for a long shot. In addition to that, around 51% of Facebook users check their accounts several times per day, compared to 42% of Instagram users. Does it mean that you need to shift your focus to Facebook and ignore the others? Please, slow down, it is not that obvious.

Most of the users use at least two Social Network Platforms. Many use three or more. The content they look at and each different Social Network might be substantially diverse; are they looking for news? Family Posts? Video or Graphic content? 

Online presence on the internet is not apparent. If you are a well-recognized brand or sell a popular product, the chances are that potential customers will look for you through a direct search. What happens if your brand awareness is not at the same level as Ford, Apple, Microsoft, NASA, Walmart, etc. what do you need to do to be “found by your potential customers?

If you remember something about this post, let the following be it:

You need to be present and make your business visible where your customers hang out. If you have the total certainty that your customers are in just ONE of the Social Network platforms, well be my guest, use only one. 

In most cases, you have the liberty to USE ALL OF THEM for a good time. As your knowledge about increases, align your postings and advertizing strategy/investments to the social network that your analytics and hard data point to as preferred by your potential base. 

Let your customers tell you what their preference is regarding social networks. Do not make assumptions.