Are your plans flexible?

Continuing with this series of lessons learned during my career, I bring to you some of the traits leaders showed to build winning organizations.

There are memories gained after years of professional experience. As time passes and you build in the treat that will distinguish you from others that wish to become leaders, some conceptions and beliefs get attached to your personality or to the organization you lead.

Sound judgment and proper planning, among others, you use to manage team, are often put to the test during the life of a project or the evolution of your organization.

To have a plan is a must, but be ready to adjust it, get ready, and expect “surprises.” we need to have the necessary flexibility to operate at the macro and micro levels, and know when to opt to recharge (shift to yeoman role). Keep your focus strategically.

It is your job to remove limitations, go beyond title power (“I am the boss”). Your team needs your vision, engagement, and resilience; therefore, you have to display the right stuff and constantly champion change, dissolve functional constrains, and focus on the customer at all times.     ​