re you an active participant?

Once I read a passage stating: “Good judgment comes from experience, and experience — well, that comes from poor judgment!”. Success requires good judgment, among many other things.

I am continuing with my blog series to provide some respectful feedback to young or new managers rising within their organizations. As I mentioned in my previous article, these series come from lessons learned, and I hope some of these ideas might help them become better leaders.

It will suffice for me to know if any of my readers today benefit from my experience.

During my career, I realized some traits leaders showed to build winning organizations: “what are the characteristics of good leaders? How do you define them in an operating sense? How organizations identify people who have such features?

On this occasion, I will present my thoughts about the second of those critical characteristics: ENGAGEMENT.

Are you an active participant?
Great leaders depend on their team for their success. Do you know how to build the best team possible?
Teams are live organizations that will produce excellent results when they achieve peak performance and derail all your dreams and efforts if you fail to lead them.
Great teams are empowered. Therefore you need to grant the group with authority to do. Information sharing is critical to generate virtuous alliances. Providing your team authority and information, you will plant the seed for an organization that operates autonomously and efficiently. This requires discipline from you. You will need to allow disagreement without disrespect and learn how to lead other leaders.
Your team will follow you and support your vision as far as this vision is clear and you remain on the playing field. Your team will work with you when it is clear you are pursuing results.

A leader knows how to use the resources available: great leaders deploy cross-functionality, use technology, and nurture innovation.

Leaders engage team members and the job ahead of them in a purposeful path to success.​