At this time you already know about the US $ 117 K were stolen over a public WIFI in Europe.

A man used his laptop on a public WiFi at a restaurant. The location provided free public WIFI. His wallet was accessed and his bitcoin gone. Our Digital Assets are not different from those above

We all know how to keep some of our valuables secured. We are familiar with home security, video cameras, surveillance and alarm systems. How many of us ignore basic practices to keep our records and databases safe and secured?

We do not know whether the computer had been hacked while logged into the public network or if it had been hacked before.

Security technologies are available to make harder for hackers to get access to our systems. Firewalls, VPN, anti-virus, etc. we all need to become familiar with the basic measures to keep our Digital assets secure.

Many organizations believe the best solution is to use Cloud Services. We all agree that Microsoft, Google, Amazon, Apple, and many others use best in class Cybersecurity. Such services can not protect you if your Smart Phone, Laptop or work terminals are not protected. Secure your end-points and educate your users, there your best practices and our responsibility.

One last thing, keeping you bitcoins at Exchanges or Online wallets is not recommended.

References: Various articles in WallStreet Journal and Washington Post