Are you learning from your past experiences?

I started this Leadership Meditation series, relating to experiences and learnings I accumulated during many years working for Motorola, AT&T Verizon, and Telettra. I mentioned in my first post a passage I read that stated: “Good judgment comes from experience, and experience — well, that comes from poor judgment!”. Today, I will talk about Common Sense that looks absent in some decisions during the COVID – 19 Pandemia.

I am respectful of everybody’s opinion, and the object of these writings is to shed some light on new managers in regards to their jobs.

The news we read today, after several weeks of lockdown, social distance, and self-isolation, especially now that many indicators point to potential openings in the June-July time frame make this meditation current and painfully valid.

The way the virus spread in Asia, Europe, and just recently (early march) America, made me believe that our Managers, Leaders, and Governments were taking notes. I thought the world was getting ready to protect their most valuable assets: People (regardless of age, race, beliefs, and ethnicity). It looks I was profoundly wrong. I hope new managers take the following comments sincerely and to heart. That will be the only way to build a new world and the most productive environment.

The most demanding call to Leaders is to lead by example. Are your leaders respecting others? are your leaders worthy of other’s respect. Are you?

You, as a new manager and leader, need to learn how to use your power selectively. You must acquire the necessary skills to balance the required intensity and personal demands; this is not optional.

Keep your ego out of the door. The world and the corporation you work for today will make decisions about the overall health (or destruction) base in many considerations. You are an essential player, your opinions and creativity are necessary, and also you need to align yourself to the core vision and mission of your organization. It is not about you.

Be ready to be humble and to learn from your past mistakes. Become an excellent communicator and teach others lessons learned, and overall stay humble in the pursuit of success.

A leader knows how to use the resources available: one of those resources lies withing you: Common Sense.

Because COVID-19, now is a time in history to display our best capacities. Capacities I thought existed in leaders of Organizations and Governments around the world.

Leaders engage team members and the job ahead of them in a purposeful path to success.

Cover bands do not change the world, do not become a cover band, shine, and lead your team.