It looks the number of breaches and attacks on Global and US Corporations are just relentless. We are not just talking about Corporate data, your personal information is also at risk.

Call Records, Financial, Health, and family and friends data have been compromised and sold to the best bidder on unknown forums.

Wise, astute and landmark breaches and attacks have been in the news for the past two years. Elections in several places in our Globe have been affected and polarized due to effective profiling of subjects on Facebook. Credit Card Fraud, identity theft and just recently we learned about the Cyber currency hacking. No-one is safe and worse, some Global Corporations are surprisingly no ready or not well prepared. This should be a great concert for all of us. Huge amounts of personal data are stored on the servers of such entities. Attacks on Sears, Target, Walmart, Equifax, Boeing, Delta among many others. I know they are spending top dollars to be protected, and the IT personnel is such companies are highly skilled. Nevertheless, it looks at the implementation and deployment of countermeasures and basic policy enforcement based on network intent is slow or not present at all.

We need to be responsible of what we shared in Social Media, and be educated and analytic enough to separate what is real or what is false on regular media and other outlets where you get your info. Corporations need to speed up the process of protecting our personal info, that is just a best practice to conduct business in this internet age.