Would you say that you have been able to learn to be comfortable with the uncomfortable?

Have you learned to recognize new ways of thinking?

Have you been able to set achievable short-term goals to keep the pace with the seismic changes that the pandemic has brought to our world?

If your answer is affirmative to these three questions, there is no doubt that you have mastered the skill of “Adaptability” which will be required for the 2021 business world.

Adaptability is the capability of rapidly learn new skills in response to changing circumstances. COVID-19 is bringing us unexpected changes and uncertainty, but we have quickly developed creative ideas and procedures to overcome obstacles.

According to the Forbes article: Five Skills Everyone Needs To Become More Adaptable In The Coronavirus Era — And Afterward by Jarret Jackson

“Adaptability is the future

Adaptive individuals are the future of work, whether we like it or not. Even before the coronavirus pandemic, businesses felt the pressures of a constantly changing world requiring adaptability. COVID-19 just added another layer. In July 2019, for example, Amazon announced it was spending $700 million to retrain 1/3 of its workforce as operations continue to become more automated. The goal of that program is to help employees gain new skills and adapt to new roles instead of being let go when their current jobs become obsolete. Even with that foresight, the company is struggling to keep up with demand during the pandemic – and it’s one of the companies that is best prepared to respond to unexpected events. Amazon’s actions serve as both a warning and a reminder: Adaptability is increasingly needed in the workplace. Individuals who demonstrate these behaviors – whether they’re leaders now or in the future – will help organizations thrive.”

So, get ready to show off how adaptable you are to contribute to the success of the businesses of the new era.