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“Become the preferred communications, marketing and public relations partner to our customers”

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A team of experts​​​​​​​​

New technologies can be complicated and distracting when you are trying to run your business.

There is where we step in. Our tech experts can advise you on exactly what you need to resolve your technical problems or fix and upgrade your current processes.

Your business performance improvement and control functions are taken care of by a team of experts. Our professionals have developed their craft in Healthcare,  Pharma, Wellness, IT, and Telecommunications. Our holistic approach to your everyday needs allows us to provide a proven method to achieve your goals. ​

Vicente Tanasi

Mr. Tanasi is an Electronics Engineer with many years managing International Sales for landmark HI-Tech companies. Areas of expertise include IT, Cybersecurity, Mobile Communications, and Digital Marketing.

Gilberto Lobaton

Mr. Lobabaton is a Goal-driven Business and Technology Leader with a solid record of initiating and sustaining organizational changes that drive top-line and bottom-line profitable growth. Mr. Lobaton previously worked for Mitel, Dell, Force 10, and Avaya. Currently is consulting for several well-known companies in the IT marketplace.

Andres Pellegrino

Mr. Pellegrino is a Digital Marketing specialist with a degree in Marketing Mr. Pellegrino’s goal is to boost your Internet business with continuous growth to achieve greater profitability

Emanuel Colombo

Mr. Emanuel Colombo is Digital Marketing strategist specialized in Google ads. His primary goal is to provide marketing solutions that increase CTR (ratio of Clicks vs. Impressions) while decreasing CPC (Cost per Click) and increasing Conversion Rate (more conversions, more potential sales)

albany espinoza

Ms. Espinoza is a Chemical Engineer with a Master’s in Quality systems. With critical experience in the Pharma Industry and its practices, Ms. Espinoza and her team will provide the necessary assessments of your quality control processes and deploy required compliance strategies.

Phoebe Tanasi

Ms. Tanasi is in an internship program in Digital Photography and Content. Phoebe loves Dogs and Kennel Club Competitions, where she devotes her time and passion.

Roberto Infante

International Medical Director with extensive experience in practice management, clinical research, and medical instruction, has been in the practice of human assisted reproduction as clinical and consultant for +30 years. Graduated from Universidad Central de Venezuela, and Hôpital Antoine Beclere – Centre du Fecondation In Vitro, Clamart, France. Key opinion leader for infertility and high complex fertility treatments, enhancing outcomes through exceptional communication, analytical, and strategic thinking skills. Demonstrated success mobilizing teams toward company objectives.

Raf Espinoza

Accomplished Project Manager and Mentor with extensive experience and achievements delivering multiple best-in-class projects to organizations such as Pfizer, Merck, Wyeth-Ayerst, Pershing, NYMEX, DHL, etc. Pivotal contributor to leadership executives, project sponsors, and stakeholders, providing solutions from strategy to project definition and implementations. Innovative problem-solver, strategic decision-maker, strong communicator. Areas of expertise include:  Change Management (Prosci Certified)  Process Improvement (Rummler-Brache Certified)  Organization’s Cultural Assessments and Roadmaps  Engagement Management

Jamin Feldman

Jazmin feldman

Jazmin Feldman is finishing her studies in Social Communication at UNR.
Since 2016 he has been dedicated to generating digital content on different platforms for companies, SMEs, public institutions, and Public Policy.

Gabriela Gimenez

Mr.s Gimenez is responsible for keeping the social media accounts of our customers aligned with the marketing strategies set for the account

Sandra Sangronis

Ms. Sandra Sangronis earned her degree as Economist at the Universidad Central de Venezuela. Ms. Sangronis has developed her craft in Human Resources and Business Administration with several well-known organizations.

Gabriel Silva

Mr. Silva is a web developer with a Design Management Degree. Mr. Silva is an expert in Web development and Coding.